How to design a poster

How to design a poster

There are a few vital points to remember when learning how to design a poster.

Event Posters

In this article we are going to concentrate on how to design a poster that promotes an event. There is a lot more involved when learning how to design a poster, but if you stick to these simple rules your poster design shouldn’t go far wrong.

Keep it simple

By far the most common mistake made by people designing posters is trying to get every possible bit of information on there. Remember, you only have a short time to grab the attention of an onlooker. Your message needs to be clear and simple. Adding lots of non-vital information just confuses your message, and someone confronted with a poster full of text is likely to avoid reading any of it!

how to design a poster

Poster backgrounds

If you want to use a background image on your poster, you need to consider how you can add your text over the top of this image. Generally an image with lots of different colours, with dark and light areas, is going make reading the text above it quite difficult. You could have the best looking background artwork ever, but if you can’t read your text, you’re wasting your time.

You can get around this by using blocks of colour behind your text to make it stand out from the background, and when this is done properly it can look very good.

how to design a poster

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The 4 rules for content:

– What?
What is the event? Your event name combined with your artwork needs to instantly grab the attention of the onlooker, and also portray your event accurately. You only have a few seconds to grab a person’s attention, so avoid a nondescript name or generic artwork that could mean anything, as it’s likely people will walk straight past without giving it a second look.

Once you have grabbed a person’s attention with your event name and artwork, they will spend a bit more time exploring details of your event.

– When?
Obviously if a person wants to come to your event they need to know when it is, set your date out in an easy to read format, typically ‘Saturday 1st January’. No need to put the year on, people generally know what year it is! Also make sure you have door/entry times if applicable.

– Where?
They’re also going to need to know where your event is. A simple address will do. Always make sure you include a postcode, they’re really important as people will input them into Google Maps and sat nav’s to find you. Avoid putting a map on your poster, people can’t take it with them and they’re not going to remember it!

– How much?
The last vital bit of information is your entry fee. If it’s free that’s great, get ‘Free Entry’ on there nice and big! If you’re charging you just need to make it clear how much.

This is a brief insight into how to design a poster, so have a go following these rules, and happy designing!

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